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A radiant smile can be the cornerstone of a strong self-image. When we have damaged or discolored teeth, it can be difficult to feel truly self-assured in business or social situations. Dr. Helley carefully crafts ceramic crowns and veneers to ensure they blend seamlessly with surrounding teeth and gum tissue and uses the latest in whitening technology to achieve brilliant, life-like results. That extra attention to detail means Dr. Helley’s patients are investing in a smile they can be confident about for a lifetime.








A dental veneer, commonly referred to as a “porcelain veneer” is a thin ceramic layer that covers a patient’s discolored or fractured tooth, giving it the appearance of a natural tooth. A strictly aesthetic aspect of cosmetic dentistry, veneers were first invented to give actors in Hollywood a brighter, more appealing smile in films. Veneers can last for years with proper maintenance and care.



Ceramic and porcelain dental crowns provide the best seamless appearance of natural looking teeth and are a perfect solution for a great smile.



Teeth whitening is one of the most common practices in cosmetic dentistry and nothing to be embarrassed about. As the name would imply, teeth whitening is the practice of restoring a patients natural tooth color, or even making them a bit whiter than natural. If your teeth are stained or discolored, we offer several solutions for creating a more natural, whiter looking smile from in office whitening to half hour at home whitening.


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Dr. Helley, along with his teammates, Ashley and Kara did a phenomenal job restoring my upper anterior teeth with crowns and veneers. I had prior trauma to the front tooth resulting in discoloration and the need for root canal therapy. Not only was each visit enjoyable (an uncommon adjective when getting work done on your teeth), but the results are amazing. I couldn’t be happier with the my new smile, and will jump at any opportunity to refer friends and clients to Dr. Helley in the future.

- Allen P.

I went to Rethink Dentistry to receive my bi annual cleaning after finding them online. Summer was great! When I needed to change my appointment time, she was very flexible and was able to get me in the next day. She was a wonderful first impression, welcoming me, getting me a beverage of my choice and making sure I had everything I needed. Chris (Dr. Helley) did my cleaning and x-rays. He was fast, knowledgeable, and very gentle. I don’t have particularly sensitive teeth but he was extremely careful anyway. He was very thorough throughout my visit. I recommend going to Rethink dentistry, it was the best dental cleaning I have ever received and will be recommending him to everyone in the Bozeman area. Thanks again!

- Hailey K.

We’ve been to dentists all over the US and in Europe and this has been one of our best experiences yet! Dr. Helley would definitely be our primary dentist if we lived in the area. Gentle, thorough hygienist. Everyone super kind and friendly. Highly recommended!

- Anastasia D.

While my husband and I were vacationing in Big Sky, one of my gold onlays popped off while flossing. Dr Helley was the only dentist that was able to get me in quickly that same day. My background is in dentistry. I have been a registered dental assistant for over 40 years. I know dentistry pretty well. I gave Dr. Helley highest marks for congeniality, knowledge, technical skill and a wonderfully caring attitude. His facility is immaculate, beautifully decorated and comfortable. I would not hesitate to refer a loved one or friend to this rare find of a dentist. Also, I must mention his office manager, Summer, who was delightfully helpful. Many thanks to Dr. Helley!!

- Cindy O.

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